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Steeplechase Pier

Brooklyn, NY
2013.01.09_City Hall Presentation 68.jpg

Steeplechase Pier: an historic icon of the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY. LTL Architects were selected by NYC's Parks & Recreation and the Department of Design and Construction to rehabilitate and reinvigorate this popular destination following the severe damage it incurred by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The fast-paced project inspired exciting new details slated for a quick summer completion. Originally the pier accommodated ferry boats bringing people to Coney Island, but since the ferry connection is no longer in operation, the pier itself has become a destination as a public promenade and fishing perch.

The rehabilitation included the following new design elements: a series of double-sided benches, a communal wave-shaped bench, a new guardrail system, an elevated observation platform at the end of the pier, and a new shade canopy with the words Coney Island integrated into the purlins.


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