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BK Local

Brooklyn, NY
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The degeneration of the industrial urban edge of New York City left large latent landscapes fertile for new meaning and purpose. MY thesis reconsidered the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn as a nexus for contemporary local production and public engagement. A successful intervention must consider the problematic juxtaposition of estimable twentieth century industrial structures with big box retail and merging transportation networks. Likewise, it must situate itself to evolve concurrently with surrounding development. BK Local is a proposal to create a public interface to celebrate and showcase emerging regional artisans and bring the community closer to the processes by which products are made. An urban market that would expand conditionally as well as host public workshops offers an opportunity for transformation over time by connecting current practices with an evolving Brooklyn community. The urban market would link together with a Brooklyn Bike Kitchen and a ferry terminal stretched at intervals along the 39th street pier to integrate movement and access, introduce a system of continuity, and propose places for future functions.


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